Why Do We Do It? Birthday Parties & AV Technology

Why Do We Do It Birthday Parties & AV Technology

Why Do We Do It? Birthday Parties & AV Technology

Something of a Taboo

As we get older, our age becomes something of a taboo, in a light hearted, humorous way. So why do we persist in marking the occasion with cards and gifts and, if you’re lucky, a party when it comes around every year? After you reach the age of forty, it doesn’t make sense to celebrate something that is a social taboo and a source of private depression. We say, as an antidote to this, that ‘age is just a number’. So why do we do it? Why do we celebrate this number?

Birthday Parties - Audiovisual Rent - A Source of Self-Esteem

A Source of Self-Esteem

The answer is we are not celebrating a person’s age, we are celebrating a person’s life. Everyone needs to feel special once in a while and the birthday celebration does just that. It is about your uniqueness and individuality – everything that makes you who you are. Far from being a source of depression, a birthday is a source of self-esteem and self-worth. Everyone deserves to be spoiled every now and then and the birthday is one of those occasions.

A Celebration of Achievement

For older people, the birthday also becomes a celebration of achievement – of having reached a certain age. It takes something that is a source of unhappiness and makes it into a source of pride and even delight.

A Good DJ & Sound System

As with all parties, probably the most important element is music. However, unlike other occasions, the birthday party requires music that is chosen to appeal to the birthday boy or girl. What better way to celebrate a person’s individuality than by playing their favourite kind of music? A good DJ and sound system will take care of this. Once you have the music sorted, that’s all you really need. However, you can enhance the occasion through the use of visual technology, such as a projector or flat screen. Why not run a photo slide show to accompany the music? Photos that best represent the birthday boy or girl. Or you can get more creative by playing a person’s favourite movie as a back drop to the music. This will give the impression of a piece of audio visual modern art that will suit the occasion nicely.

The Right Audio Visual Technology

The Right Audio Visual Technology

Organizing a birthday party will show how much the person is loved and appreciated. With the right audio visual technology, you can make it a memorable occasion for all involved. It is important to love yourself and enjoying your birthday is one way of doing this. One day a year is not too much to ask! To find out what AV gear will best suit your next party needs and give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online!

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