Product Launches & AV Technology – The Perfect Match

Product Launches and AV Technology - Perfect Match

Product Launches & AV Technology – The Perfect Match

Now that Spring is here we hope that you are as excited about the coming year as we are at Toomey’s AV. Spring is about hope, renewal and the approach of summer. It is about planning and looking forward. It is about beginnings. That is why there is no better time of the year to have a product launch! Following on from our last post about AV equipment for product launches we’re going to give some more info about what AV tech can be used to give your product the best platform for launch.

Audio Visual Technology For Product Launches

The right AV technology can transform your product launch into an audio-visual event. By enhancing the sound and visuals you will turn the occasion into a multi-media show that will stay in the minds of those who attend the launch.

There is so much we can do to help make your project succeed.

Sound System Rental for Product Launches - Audio Visual Dublin

Sound System Rental for Product Launches

Getting the sound right is probably the most important audio-visual consideration. If they cannot hear you then how are they to learn about the product? Language is the most important technology we possess. If you are not audible you will lose the audience. So, a crisp, clear and well distributed sound is paramount. However, you can also add music to the event to make it more impactful. Nobody dislikes music. Adding it to your product launch will enhance the power of your presentation considerably. At we have an array of sound system hire and we are confident that we can provide the best solution for this vital aspect of your product launch.

Visuals for Product Launches

Now you need to take care of the visuals. To get the most out of your product launch people are going to have to see the product. Having it displayed on a flat screen, video wall or LED screen will impact the audience far more than if you just present it for real. People are impressed by size but, more than this, they need something to focus on. By making the product more visible to the audience through technology, you will get the message home far more effectively than if you just present yourself at a podium. rents out flat screens, video walls and projectors to take care of this crucial aspect of your launch.

Visuals for Product Launches - Audio Visual Rental

Shine A Light On Your Product Launch

We also offer a range of lighting solutions if you want to add that extra bit of ‘show’ to your business and make it more memorable for the audience. We hire out stages and podiums too, which further help with the visual aspect of your product launch. In addition to these solutions we can provide the technological means by which to record the event, so you can include it in your marketing arsenal.

The Best AV Tech for Product Launches

Yes, there is a lot we can provide to help make your launch a success. Combine this with our expertise, know-how and decades of experience and you are looking at the best AV solution possible for your product launch. Give us a call on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online for more info!

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