Product Launches Using AV Technology – A Kind of Dance


Product Launches Using AV Technology – A Kind of Dance

So your company has a new product launch and you are in charge of it. The core of the presentation will be simply you talking about the product but there are so many ways of improving on this. Audio visual technology such as PA systems, projectors, interactive flat screens and lighting will add some ‘show’ to the business. They will enhance the occasion and lend it some class. If you want to make the launch memorable, hiring the right multi-media technology is paramount.

Interactive Touch Screens & Product Launches – Ideal

Let’s say your product is a software programme. The interactive touch screen will be ideal for this product launch. It will allow you to demonstrate with ease all you can do with the software. Touch screen monitors come in different sizes. By going to the right dealer you can get the right size display. For a launch, the largest screen rental size is probably best. The touch screen will allow you to manipulate the software as you talk about it. Everything will go smoothly as these machines are  well made.


Get On The Stage!

Two essentials for any type of product launch are the stage and the sound system. The stage will elevate you so everyone will see what you are doing. You might feel uncomfortable about being ‘on stage’ but you have to remember that you are acting up there. Everyone has a ‘performance’ mode that they go into automatically, instinctively, when making a speech or presentation. It might not be Oscar winning material but the stage will help you to get into that acting instinct and mindset.

PA System Rental For A Solid Product Launch Foundation

The PA system is as important as any other piece of audio visual equipment that you hire. If your audience can’t hear you then there is no point in going on with the launch. It is more important that they hear you than see you. If you want a nice crisp sound or some reverb an audio visual engineer can do it for you. You might also like to have some music playing in the background. This is perfect for establishing the right mood and context. Remember, you are selling a product. How many advertisements have you seen on TV or the internet that don’t use music? With the right music, through the right sound system, you can get into a rhythm for the product launch. The alternation between speaking and showing becomes a kind of dance. Some music might also help you to gain confidence. Music is a good, solid foundation for a launch, whatever you are selling.


Enhancing Product Launch

Audio visual technology has changed dramatically over the years. However, it’s purpose remains the same: to enhance an occasion. A product launch can conceivably be done with no technology at all: just a person standing in front of an audience and talking about the product. The multi-media technology is what makes it impressive and memorable. It also makes life a lot easier for the presenter.

AV Rentals for Product Launches

If you are planning a product launch, the right audio visual equipment will help to make it a success. Guaranteed. This is why hiring it makes perfect sense. A good audio visual dealer will let you know your options and take care of you, so get in contact now by calling us on or contact us online.

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