Projector Hire for Large Venues & Outdoor Events

Projector Hire for Large Venues & Outdoor Events - Audio Visual Ireland

Projector Hire for Large Venues & Outdoor Events

There’s a lot going on in Dublin. They don’t call it ‘bubblin’ Dublin’ for nothing! Multi-media events abound. Conferences, conventions and outdoor events are happening across the city all the time. For this reason, Audiovisual equipment is in high demand. has been serving the city for many decades. Our AV equipment and expertise has benefited many large scale clients and we’ve provided AV renta in venues like the Aviva Stadium, Croke Park, Conference Centre, the RDS and the Convention centre.

High End, Large Scale Projector Hire in Dublin

Projector hire for large venues is one area we specialise in. Because we’ve worked on so many high end, large scale projects in Dublin, the focus of this article will be on projector hire for large venues / outdoor events.

Large scale projector hire Dublin

The Bigger The Crowd, The Bigger the Screen!

The first thing you need to consider is the screen. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the screen is needed. You also need to determine the aspect ratio or shape of the screen and for this you need to know the resolution of your signal source and projector. You must decide whether you want front or rear projection. Also, if you need a large format display rental you need to make sure you have the right throw distance for the projector to fill the screen. Throw distance is the distance between projector and screen. You must also take ceiling height into consideration. If you have a 6’ high screen and 8’ high ceiling, the bottom of your image will be only two feet from the floor, which can cause viewing problems for your audience.

The Brightness of The Projector Must Be Considered

Now you need to decide on a projector. The larger the screen, the more powerful a projector is required. If the venue will be lit up, then the brightness of the projector must be considered. The brighter the room, the higher projector brightness is required. Projector light outputs are measured in ANSI lumens. Large venues typically require 10,000 – 20,000+ lumens.

Projector Hire for Large Venues - Audio Visual rental

Rental Projectors For Outdoor Events

We’ve provided AV equipment for many outdoor events in Dublin over the years. Hiring the right projector can transform your outdoor event into something special. A projector for such an event needs to be able to handle daylight and ambient light so, again, high lumens is required. Also, a high resolution is necessary for an enjoyable outdoor viewing experience. This means at least 1080 pixels. Resolution measures the clarity of the potential image. Higher resolutions produce more crisp and clear imagery. High resolution projectors are especially good for fine, detailed images.

Planning A Large Venue or Outdoor Event

So, if you are based in Dublin (or Ireland) and you are planning a large venue or outdoor event, give us a call and find out what we can do for you. We are confident that we will have the right projector for you in our range. We also have the expertise and knowhow to set up the equipment and support you throughout the show. We’re here to ensure everything runs smoothly for that all-important event. So, give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online and let us take care of all your projector needs and requirements.

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