The Video Wall Experience: If Jimi Were Alive Today

The Video Wall Experience - Audiovisual - Dublin

The Video Wall Experience: If Jimi Were Alive Today

The history of rock n roll is full of ‘what if’s. What if the Beatles had never split up? What if Metallica had never kicked Dave Mustaine out of their band? What if Kurt Cobain had lived? Probably the biggest what if of all is: what would Jimi Hendrix have gone on to do if he hadn’t died?

What Difference Would Today’s Audio Visual Technology Have Made?

Hendrix was unquestionably one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived, and he was also a brilliant song writer but that isn’t all – we mustn’t forget that he was a great showman too. Between playing the guitar with his teeth and setting it on fire, he knew how to get the audience’s full attention and give them something they would never forget. With these things in mind, let’s ask the question: how would Jimi have fared if he were alive today? What difference would today’s audio-visual technology have made to a Hendrix gig, if he were alive and gigging?

The Ubiquitous Video Wall

Probably the biggest difference would have been made by the ubiquitous video wall. The video wall provides a spectacle by showing both live images of the band or artist as they perform and background imagery to suit the music. Imagine a video wall supporting the music of Hendrix with psychedelic imagery. Imagine that imagery moving and morphing dramatically as Hendrix moves on the stage before it. As the inventor of psychedelic rock, he might have used the technology in this way to mesmerize the crowd. A video wall displaying images of Hendrix as he played would also have made a big difference to his act. In the last couple of years of his life he moved away from the showmanship and concentrated on delivering his best performance as a musician instead. As one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived, a video wall showing lots of close-ups of what his hands are doing would have pleased many.

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The Advances Made In Audio Visual Technology

There can be no doubt that Hendrix’s act would have benefited hugely from the advances made in audio-visual technology since his death. Lighting, sound systems and stage set up have all improved greatly in the last fifty years but it is the advent of the video wall which has made the biggest difference to live gigs. By putting them on the big screen our rock stars are now giants both literally and metaphorically. Hendrix, had he lived, would have been right at home.

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