The Video Wall And The Live Gig

The Video Wall And The Live Gig - Video Wall Rental

The Video Wall And The Live Gig

Music and imagery have always blended well. Since the advent of MTV in the early 80s the music video has become a staple of popular culture. Introducing it into the live gig environment was an inevitable step up for the industry.

These days the performer’s every little move is captured on camera and displayed on the video walls that have become the norm for arena and stadium acts. Tickets to see major live acts have become so expensive that fans expect more than just witnessing them in the flesh. They want a spectacle. An audio-visual extravaganza. The video wall goes a long way toward meeting these expectations.

Video Walls – The Ultimate Backdrop

The video wall typically does not just display live images of the band playing. It also provides images that are a suitable backdrop to the music. U2 made much of this during their ground-breaking ZOO TV tour in the early 90s. The audience was bombarded with imagery, which suited the overall theme of the show as well as the music of U2.

Audio Visual Extravaganza - Video Wall Rental

The Visual Aspect Should Be Enhanced With Video Walls

Concerts are a lot louder than they used to be and sound quality is a lot better. It is only natural that the visual aspect of the live gig should be enhanced whether it’s through background imagery which is dramatically impacting, or live video of the band playing. Nothing makes a bold, impressive visual statement like a video wall and this is especially true of concerts.

The Video Wall Or Stage?

Have you ever been to a live gig and you didn’t know whether to keep your eyes on your heroes in the flesh or on the images that loom in the background? This is because it is hard to resist either. This indecision has become part of the live gig experience in arenas, parks and stadiums.

A More Satisfying Experience

These days it’s hard to imagine a major live gig without a video wall and just as hard to foresee a future where they are obsolete. Mixing music and imagery in the live environment makes for a more satisfying experience for the audience member who has forked out his or her hard-earned money for a ticket. There are other visual aspects many bands use such as lighting and pyrotechnics but it is the video monitors that impress the most.

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The BIG Screen – Video Wall Rental

We like to perceive our musical heroes as giants and seeing their images up on the video wall enhances this perception. It is not so different from watching a movie in a cinema. We see our idols on the screen in the same way. We like to think of them as giants and even gods. Why this is so is best left to the anthropologists. Suffice it to say that going to a major live gig or festival is one of the most fun things you can do and the visuals are a major part of that entertainment.

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