All In One Sound Systems – Simple But Effective!

All In One Sound Systems - Simple But Effective - Audio Visual Rental Ireland

All In One Sound Systems – Simple But Effective!

If you are looking to hire a sound system and you are not AV technology savvy or you are renting for the first time, we recommend that you have a look at our all-in-one sound system packages, so you will get everything you need for a successful gig. When we say all-in-one, we mean it! We supply all the essentials and requisites for your event in a handy, affordable deal. We promise that you won’t be left wanting.

Our Portable 120 Watt P.A. System

One of our most popular all in one sound systems is our portable 120watt P.A. system. This compact, high quality system is by Proel and consists of a powerful speaker, wireless handheld mic., iPod/mp3 player connectivity, a tripod floor stand and three hours of power. This deal is perfect for outdoor events or anywhere without mains power. Nothing can stop you from celebrating with this highly mobile, little powerhouse of a P.A. system.

Proel Portable 120 Watt P.A. System Rental - Audiovisual Ireland

Everything You Need In A Sound System

Our ‘party package’ all in one sound system includes everything you need to deliver the sounds! Ideal for large venues and loud parties, this all-in-one deal consists of tops and bins by Proel, mixing desk, 2 Revo4 FX lights, iPod/mp3 player connectivity and stands. We supply all the necessary cables and connectors so that you get the most out of the technology on offer. If you want it loud and seamless, this deal will deliver. No need to worry about extras or additional unforeseen costs. You get everything you need in one neat bundle.

All In One Sound Systems for Any Kind of Event

Another all-in-one package you should know about is our best selling 2 speaker 2000watt P.A. system. This delivers serious Pro Audio quality for any kind of event you might have in mind. It includes Dynacord speakers and mixing desk, wireless handheld mic., iPod/mp3 player connectivity and tripod speaker stands. This package has so many different applications. Any event that needs serious sonic power will be satisfied by this all-in-one sound system. If you want it loud and crystal clear these speakers will not disappoint. We only deal with the best brands and Dynacord is unsurpassed for quality and durability.

Dynacord All In One Sound System for Event - Audio Visual Rental

Why Our All In One Sound Package Are So Popular

Here at, we understand that most people looking to hire out a P.A. system are not experts. That is why our all-in-one sound packages are so popular. But we are flexible too. If there are any extra requirements, we are happy to include them in the deal. We will never put you in a position where you might be left lacking or in the dark on the night. We want what you want!

All In One Sound System Rental - Audio Visual Ireland

All In One Sound System Rental

If you’re reading this, you are probably looking to hire a sound system that won’t let you down. You’ve come this far, why not take the next step and contact us? We will do everything in our power to provide you with the best deal possible for your event. Give us a call now on +353 1 4133892 or contact us online for more info!

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