The Touch of a Button: Audio Visual Gear and User Friendliness

The Touch of a Button - Audio Visual Gear and User Friendliness

The Touch of a Button: Audio Visual Gear and User Friendliness

As we rent out audio visual gear and equipment, there is sometimes an amount of trepidation on the part of the customer that there is not enough time to train the user in how to use the technology. This may have been a legitimate worry in the past but these days the vast majority of AV equipment is very user friendly so it will require little or no training. Often, all that is required is the touch of a button, literally. Needless to say there are some aspects of AV setup that will need the help of an expert (and we can provide you with experienced AV operators for your event) but in this post we’ll highlight how user friendly AV has become, read on!

The Drive Toward User Friendliness

The history of technology is one, long drive toward user friendliness. Let’s take an example of the TV and VCR which dominated home entertainment in the 80s and 90s. Everyone who remembers them will also remember what a nightmare it sometimes was to tune the TV with the VCR. These days you don’t need a VCR, or even a DVD player for that matter. All you need is a flat screen, an internet connection and Netflix and you are ready to go.

The Drive Toward User Friendliness in Technology - Audio Visual Ireland

Intuitive Audio Visual Interfaces

Everything these days is more user friendly. ‘Intuitive’ is a word often used in association with user friendly and the advent of touch screen technology was a huge leap forward in terms of intuitive interfaces. The interactive flat screen is a good example as it is just like a large tablet or iPhone – just turn it on and go. As a piece of ICT geared toward education, it is a paragon of user friendliness and intuitiveness.

A Huge Leap Forward in User Friendly Technology

Another example of technology becoming more user friendly is the remote control. Over the years, the remote control has become more intuitive. But the remote control itself was a huge leap forward in user friendly technology when it first appeared decades ago. It is hard to imagine a TV or flat screen without one but there was a time when remote controls were science fiction. It could be argued that the remote control revolutionised home entertainment. When we instruct people in how to use technology it is often simply a case of showing them which buttons to press on the remote control.

More Technically Demanding Equipment

Sometimes, a piece of audio visual gear will require a bit more instruction and we will ensure that this happens well within your time frame. For more technically demanding equipment, such as a mixing desk for live audio or sound systems, we can provide an expert operator, if necessary.

Operating Hired Audio Visual Gear Ireland

Operating Your Hired AV Gear – Have No Fear

The problem a lot of people face when confronted with audio visual technology is that they are intimidated by it. There is no need for this. With a bit of knowhow and confidence you will find that operating your hired gear is a piece of cake.

So, don’t be shy or intimidated and give us a call on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online, so we can start planning on how to deliver the best audio visual solution for your requirements.

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