A Couple Of Less Obvious Reasons To Celebrate..And Why!

Less Obvious Reasons To Celebrate Audio Visual Rental

A Couple Of Less Obvious Reasons To Celebrate..And Why!

Oscar Wilde said that you know “you are truly civilised when you can sympathise with another person’s joy”. This is especially true of less obvious occasions for celebration that are rarer and therefore more joyous for the individual concerned. In the past we’ve talked about more obvious reasons to celebrate and using visuals at weddings, AV tech for birthday parties and what you need for an office party but in this post we’ll talk about the less obvious reasons for a celebration.

New Job, New Location, New Celebration

It happens to many of us in life: moving to a new city or country to take up a new job. It deserves a celebration. Like Christmas and Easter, it is an occasion for joy – the joy of renewal and regeneration. And, like a birthday, it is a celebration of an individual life. It is also a way to say farewell to family and friends. But, above all, it is about change.

Celebrate The Individual

We live in an age of individualism and social mobility. Moving up the socio-economic ladder sometimes necessitates a move to a new city or town. This improvement in a person’s status is an occasion for celebration as society depends on the individual and any momentous change in the individual’s life should be marked and celebrated. Moving to new city and a new life is also a chance to wipe the slate clean. A celebration will help to establish that new life. It is a way to draw the line between the old and the new. It is harder to come home with your tail between your legs after a good send off!


Celebrate Travel

You might have a son or a daughter who has just finished college and is about to travel for a year or so, in order to see a bit of the world. They might be going with some friends or with their partner. Such an occasion deserves a celebration.

Most people are at the height of their receptivity and open-mindedness when they finish college. Ideally, they should travel, in order to satisfy the need for new experiences. It is a time for enjoying youth and freedom before taking on a responsible adult role in society. It is a joyful time and a celebration allows people to sympathise with that joy. Again, it marks a change. It draws a line between the old and the new. In this case between adolescence and adulthood. It is a celebration of those couple of halcyon years before we enter our prime. When our star is beginning its ascent. Like a 21st birthday party only with more reason to celebrate.

A DJ, PA System And A Party

Of course, music is the most important element of many celebrations and the two occasions we just looked at are no exception. Music is about melody and harmony but above all, beauty. Therefore, it is appropriate to use it when life is as it should be: beautiful. Hiring a DJ and PA system at the person’s favourite pub or even at their house or apartment is all you really need. That and a few bodies, a few beers and a few Oscar Wilde quotes!


PA System Rental For Special Celebrations

If you’re planning on having a special celebration and need to rent a PA system – or any sound system – for it then give us a call us now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online and we’ll advise on which PA system will suit your needs best!

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