Wedding Day Visuals – Making Movies!

Wedding Day Visuals Audio Visual Rental For Weddings

Wedding Day Visuals – Making Movies!

Making movies is fun. So are wedding afters. Why not combine the two through audio visual technology? Music accompanied by a slide show of images of the happy couple will tell the story of their love on their wedding day.

A Big Screen For A Wedding

Anyone who has seen the film, The Deer Hunter, will recall the lengthy wedding afters scene. As well as the usual drinking and dancing there are huge images looming in the background depicting the groom and two of his friends. This is because the three young men are about to serve in Vietnam. But there is more to it than this. These images say something important about the nature of weddings and, especially, wedding afters. They are occasions for stars to shine. A wedding is as much a celebration of youth and virility as it is the happy couple. But there can be no doubt, the leading roles are played by the bride and groom and a big screen for a wedding can help share their memories.


Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame and for many it is their wedding day. Most people marry in their prime years so their wedding is the best day of their lives. Because marriage is the most important institution society has, it is also a great social occasion. For many people, the experience of being the centre of so much attention is never repeated in their lives.

Audio Visual Technology & Weddings

The use of AV technology can considerably enhance the celebrity factor of weddings. As far as the music goes, the happy couple’s favourite artists and songs are played by the DJ once the proper AV equipment for weddings is in place. But this music can be accompanied by a slide show of images of the bride and groom. In this way, the bride and groom are truly celebrated. It helps to make their day more memorable. A slide show of images of the married couple can be projected onto a screen or even put on a video wall or large format display. They can be images of the wedding but also of the couple before the wedding. It might project the couple’s favourite photos, together with images of their hen and stag parties. Combined with the music this has a kind of dramatizing effect. It is like a movie with a sound track. Just for a few hours the couple are put, quite literally, on the big screen. The more images, the better. Like any good film, the movie of the happy couple should tell a story and the more images that are projected, the more this story comes to life.


Image Slide Shows For Your Weddings – Tell Your Story!

Of course, this story doesn’t last throughout the afters. The images are repeated. But every time they are repeated it is with different music and so their vitality and dramatic interest is maintained. Also, many people will be too busy dancing and conversing to give the images much attention but their constant presence in the background will help to make the day truly special. Some of the best stories ever written are love stories and a slide show of images telling the story of young love will continue that tradition.

Audio Visual Technology For Weddings

If your big day is coming up and you would like to share some of your memories – be it on a projector, flatscreen or video wall – we have the audio visual technology to make it happen! Give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online to find out more about our AV rental for weddings!

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