Work & Play: Projectors for School Halls

Projectors for School Halls - Projector Rental Ireland

Work & Play: Projectors for School Halls

Our projectors are ideal for school halls, libraries and classrooms. Whether it is video or computer, slides or film you want to show, our projectors are the perfect solution. They make viewing as easy and comfortable as possible without any technical hassles.

Reasons To Hire A Projector

There are many possible reasons as to why you might want to hire a projector.

Share Exchange Programme Adventures

Maybe some of your pupils went to another country as part of an exchange programme? A video of their adventures could be played before the entire student body in the school hall. Exchange programmes are all about experiencing other cultures. They are about witnessing the differences but also the similarities between cultures. As Ireland becomes increasingly multi-cultural these programmes are more important and relevant than ever, which is why the whole school should gather to view how those lucky few got on, especially as representatives of the school.

Projectors for School Halls - Audio Visual Dublin

If The Class Is Reading Beowulf

The school library may also be the ideal place for students to watch a film which is of interest to them. For example, if the class is reading Beowulf, the movie is bound to be in the library or it can be downloaded from the internet.

Projectors Help Attract Students To A Discipline

Our large venue projectors are also suitable for lecture halls at third level institutions. If there is an introductory lecture on a subject, then a slide projector could prove to be very useful. For example, if the lecture is about Greek and Roman Civilisation, which has a strong visual component, then pictures of sculpture, architecture, pottery etc. from the Classical world would give the freshman an idea as to what is in store. Using a projector in this way will help to attract students to a discipline.

Projectors in Universities To Help With Learning - Audio Visual Dublin

A Small Cinema Kit Would Suit A Classroom Perfectly

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be about learning. Perhaps some students have made a fictional film and word of it has gotten around to you and your colleagues. What better way to recognise and reward their creative efforts than to organize a viewing of the film in the school hall? Everyone in the school should take pride in what the students have achieved. Or films can be played in the school hall or classroom just for fun and as a reward to the whole class for good behaviour and work. Gone are the days when the teacher would wheel in a TV and VCR on a table and spend about half an hour trying to tune it. We have a small cinema kit that would suit a classroom perfectly and a large venue projector that is ideal for school halls. We deliver, set up and collect so that everything runs smoothly.

The Best In Projector Technology for Schools

Our children deserve so much better than we had and hiring a projector for a school hall or library is one way of giving it to them. We offer the very best in projector technology for a reasonable price so if you are thinking of hiring don’t hesitate to call us on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online and find out what we can do for you and your school!

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