Got a Light? Uplighter Kits for Hire!

Uplighter Kits for Hire - Audiovisual Rental Ireland

Got a Light? Uplighter Kits for Hire!

If you really want to make an impression at your event, we recommend hiring out one or more of our powerful uplighter kits. For visual impact there is nothing more effective than a good lighting show. Show business acts have known this since the 1960s, when lighting became an integral part of live gigs and performances.

Uplighter Kits Give Your Gig That Extra Flair

Lighting displays, and especially colourful lighting displays, have an altering effect on our consciousness, making the show more impressive and memorable. Pink Floyd and their lighting show were one of the first major music acts to catch on to this idea. Now they are almost as famous for their live lighting shows as their music. Their concerts are huge audio-visual events, taking the concert goer on a journey through music, images and lighting. But don’t worry. No-one will expect you to deliver a light show of these proportions at your event! A few uplighter kits should be enough to give your gig that extra flair and visual impact.

Small Portable Uplighter Hire - Audiovisual Rental Dublin

Small and Portable Uplighters

Our uplighters are small and portable, but they are also sophisticated and powerful. You’ll be amazed by what they can do. Just one uplighter is enough to give your event a powerful visual ambience. If you make the effort to go that extra distance and include a lighting show at your gig, you will be rewarded by a more enthusiastic response from your audience and more people talking about your event afterwards!

So, let’s look at what’s on offer.

High Powered Battery Uplighters

Our LED uplighter kits are available in any colour and we can supply any quantity (within reason). We offer high powered battery uplighters, available with lighting desk and engineer. You can have full colour mixing and high powered 10watt LEDs with 12-hour inbuilt batteries. We also hire out LED stage wash packages.

Lighting Can Be Integral

The effectiveness of a good lighting show will amaze you if you’ve never tried it before. For dramatic visual impact there is nothing quite like it. From the most modest pub gig to the biggest stadium act show, lighting can be integral to the entertainment of the audience.

Upligher Rental for Events - AV Ireland

Uplighter Kits for Hire – Perfect Packages

Audio-visual technology has come a long way since the 60s and this includes lighting gear. Our deals include highly sophisticated lighting technology in neat and compact packages. We like to keep abreast with the latest lighting technology innovations, so you can be assured that if it is powerful, effective and affordable, we will stock it. Let us do the research so you can enjoy the best in lighting equipment without the hassle. Trust us and we will deliver the best possible lighting solution for your event, be it party, concert or conference, or anything else that can be improved by a good lighting show. To find out more give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online!

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