The Video Wall, Fashion Shows & The Catwalk

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The Video Wall, Fashion Shows & The Catwalk

Video walls are fast becoming the norm for major fashion shows. Like a video wall at a live gig, they intersperse live footage with pre-programmed imagery. Fashion shows have become audio visual extravaganzas and the video wall is an important element of them.

Video Walls Enhance Visuals

The video wall lends itself very well to the catwalk. It is a site of striking visuals, be it the clothes on display or the models wearing them. The video wall enhances these visuals by providing up close live footage. It’s important that the audience get as much detail as possible and the video wall gives it to them. The video wall is well placed as a backdrop to the walk which keeps the models aligned centrally against its background. It makes for a dramatic, almost ritualistic, set up.

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You Are Only Limited By Your Imagination

The video wall is also used to display images which establish the theme of the show. Nothing makes a dramatic statement like a video wall. Whatever the theme, the wall can be programmed to provide imagery which will convey and suggest that theme. These days, the audio visual technology for fashion shows has become so sophisticated that you are only limited by your imagination.

The Video Wall Is There To Highlight That Beauty

The fashion show is a highly glamourous occasion. It is a holistic experience for the audience but the video wall is a major component. These days, a major fashion event without a video wall would seem bare and unsatisfactory. It’s all about beauty: beautiful clothes, beautiful bodies and beautiful faces. The video wall is there to highlight that beauty. To celebrate it.

Why Fashion Models Become Famous

Fashion models are seriously beautiful creatures and the video wall conveys this by turning them into giants. They are given an almost mythic status. Today’s society worships physical beauty which is why fashion models become famous. Just like the cinema, the video wall is a ‘big screen’ on which the stars appear. It’s not easy being beautiful so as much clothes and flesh need to be captured on camera as possible for the video wall to display.

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The “Super” Model

It’s all about size. Size is impressive, especially in show business and the fashion show overlaps considerably with show business. We like to make colossi of fashion models, just like rock/pop stars. Remember the ‘super’ model phenomenon of the early to mid-90s? These days, fashion models continue to gain celebrity if not on the same scale. The video wall, through its sheer size, impresses us with that remote star quality.

You Need To Make An Impression

A video wall will increase the wow factor of your work immeasurably. You need to make an impression as each piece is displayed only for a matter of seconds. It’s important that it be caught on the ‘big screen’ as well.

If you want to make an impression at your next fashion show or event then talk to us and we will make hiring a video wall easy and hassle free. Give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online for more info!

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