How AV Technology Enhances An Occasion

How AV Technology Enhances An Occasion - Audio Visual Rental

How AV Technology Enhances An Occasion

If it does nothing else, AV technology enhances an event. It makes it bolder, louder and clearer. This is how it contributes to the success of the event. These days there are few events or occasions without some degree of audio visual technology. It has become ubiquitous.

Audio Visual Technology Will Be A Considerable Aid

Live acoustic music has been enjoyed by wedding guests for hundreds of years. People mastered the art of public speaking hundreds of years before microphones and PA systems were available. People have been teaching long before the advent of the projector and interactive whiteboard. All it takes for something to ‘happen’ is people. Things haven’t changed that much over the years. However, if you really want the event to be enhanced and improved audio visual technology is there for you.

Sound System Hire To Boost The Presence The Bands

Take, for example, music at a wedding. For hundreds of years, music, mainly traditional in nature, has been enjoyed at weddings. These days the style of the music has changed to popular music but its function is the same: to provide people with pleasure and something to get up and dance to. The use of a PA system and mics will boost the power and presence of the band. Music, in this context, should be loud, right? It should possess people and make them get up and move, no matter what their age. Be it a live band or DJ, you have to feel the music in your gut and this achieved by simply making the music louder and more present.

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A Mic & A PA System Will Ensure The Speaker Is Heard

Or, consider the speaker at a conference or exhibition. A mic and PA system will ensure he is heard loud and clear. In the past, people who were trained in the art of public speaking were ideal for these occasions. These days this training is not necessary. The use of audio technology will help carry the voice to all the audience members. It makes the speaker’s job that much easier and you can check out our guide to PA system rental here. Another aid to the speaker is the use of visual technology such as the interactive flat panel and the video wall. These will help to grab the audience’s attention and keep it. They also make the speaker’s job easier by showing things, which means he doesn’t have to explain them.

All That Is Needed Is A Mic, A PA System And A Podium

Another example is the book launch. Most writers are quiet creatures so it is important that they be amplified so everyone can hear. All that is needed is a mic, a PA system and a podium. Reading is at the heart of the book launch so the writer’s voice must be enhanced. We must capture every word, every cadence and every silence.

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AV Technology Enhances

AV technology enhances. It makes better. If you really want to make some noise at your event, consider hiring your AV tech from us. With over 50 years in the AV rental industry there is a lot we can do for you. Contact us today by calling us on +353 1 4133 892 or fill in this form and we will happily discuss it with you.

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