Renting AV Equipment for Townhall Events or All-hands Meetings

Renting AV Equipment for Townhall Events or All hands Meetings - Audio Visual Dublin

Renting AV Equipment for Townhall Events or All-hands Meetings

All-Hands meetings or Town hall meetings create a unique space for companies to accomplish lots of different things. Primarily they are a means of keeping a large group of people up to date on important events and milestones. They afford the opportunity to deliver clear communications in a time and space set aside for exactly that purpose. Whether you want to discuss better coordination of company resources, understanding of company goals or initiatives, or simply motivate the troops, the Town Hall or All-hands meeting is the modern day setting in large companies.

Popular Equipment for Townhalls - Audio Visual Rental

AV Equipment for Townhall Events & All Hands Meetings delivers audiovisual services for your All hands conference or Town Hall meetings reliably, consistently and within budget. With experienced technicians, you can offload all of your event needs nationwide to your dedicated Event Manager. We provide the standard audio, video walls, staging, lighting and offer solutions to incorporate iPads, social media and other new technologies to engage your attendees.

Before Confirming Your Townhall Event With a Hotel, Venue or Facility

Be sure you understand the extent of your audiovisual needs so you can verify during the site selection process that function space will be adequate. it is highly recommended that you consult with audio visual specialists BEFORE you book your venue or location. An AV professional will analyse your needs and your budget then help you choose the best solutions for getting the desired results. You may otherwise order things you don’t need and overspend. Most important – keep technical support engaged throughout the program even if your needs are basic. If technical difficulties arise once you are on-site, you don’t want to be without them!

Popular Equipment for Townhall or All-hands Meetings

There is a variety of equipment which is popular at townhall or all-hands meetings. This list isn’t exhaustive but should give you a good idea of what is available and most commonly used for townhall meetings.

  • Stage
  • Sound System
  • Large stage Projection or Video Wall
  • Wireless Headset Mics
  • Stage Lighting
  • Room Up lighting
  • Vision Mixer
  • Stage Set
  • Audio Recording
  • Webcasting
  • Audio Pressbox
  • Room Perimeter Displays
  • Prompt Monitors
  • PowerPoint Clickers (like the Logitech R700)
  • Cameras & Tripod Stands

Townhall Meetings With No Surprises!

Renting AV Equipment for Townhall Events - Audio Visual for Townhalls
At we are experts in audiovisual equipment rental for Town hall meetings and All-hands meetings in Ireland. Book the professionals and make sure there are no nasty surprises, especially surprise charges or fees. The price we quote you is the price you pay. If your requirements don’t change, your invoice won’t either. Call us on 01 4133892, email me or contact us online for more info!

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