Show Business: Using AV Technology in a Business Environment

AV Technology in a Business Environment

Show Business: Using AV Technology in a Business Environment

There’s business and there’s show business. Both activities are driven by the desire to make money but show business is also driven by the urge to create. Audio visual technology allows you to crossover from ‘pure’ business to show business.

Something That Will Impress And Be Remembered

Being creative and using your imagination in a pure business environment is good! Whether you are putting on a presentation for your work colleagues or a conference or exhibition it’s important to put on a show: something that will impress and be remembered.

Audio Visual Technology Creating Fresh Vistas

A show is all about the interplay of substance and style, of what you want to say and the way you want to say it. Audio visual technology has advanced considerably over recent years, opening up fresh vistas for both. The tools for putting on a stimulating and memorable show have never been more powerful.

The traditional show business elements of a conference or exhibition are music and lighting. In recent years lighting has become more sophisticated and audio more powerful. Lighting can either add to the ambience or play a more active role in getting the message across. Either way it is a powerful presentation tool that grabs the attention of the audience.

Audio Visual Technology for Business

Music is one of the major creative factors in putting on a show. So much depends on what music you choose. This mightn’t sound very creative but it is. Music has a power of suggestion and manipulation and choosing the right music to harness this power requires creative thinking. Of course, the right choice of music will also enhance the style and up the ‘coolness’ factor. Consider that master of film, Quentin Tarantino, and the importance of music, especially popular music, in his films. The music establishes the emotional context of a scene but it also contributes to the overall inimitable stylishness of his work.

Effective Visual Shows

To return to the visual element, the flat screen display provides more enhanced graphics and video. As with music, you can be creative in the way you use the existing software. To put on an effective visual show, you need imagination and vision. Again, we might consider Tarantino. As a director he does more than just point the camera. He makes use of the technological tools available to him to put his vision on screen. He controls almost every major aspect of the film making process so that the end result is a work of art with his signature on it. Other options for the visual component are interactive flat screens and video walls. Again, these provide ample opportunities for being creative.

Highlight Your Message

So, it is not always a bad thing to mix business with pleasure. Don’t be inhibited. Let your creative juices run freely. Allow the artist in you to come forth and play. Some people might argue that paying so much attention to the show aspect of a presentation or conference will distract from the content and the message. The opposite is true. The show aspect, if done properly, will highlight the message and make it more memorable.

Highlight Your Message with AV Technology

Audio Visual Technology For Business

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