Sound Rental – You Get What You Pay For

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Sound Rental – You Get What You Pay For

As Benjamin Franklin once said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” This never more evident when it comes to sound equipment rental.  One person’s idea of a sound system is another person’s worst nightmare.

PA Systems – Not Always Cheap and Cheery

More and more cheap PA systems and ancillary equipment are flooding the market day by day and hence the temptation is always there to go for a ‘cheap and cheery’ solution. How can you be sure of what you are renting? Hiring a sound desk is one thing, but a sound desk is only as good as the person who is twisting the knobs.

By choosing a professional AV rental company like you are assured of top quality branded AV equipment which has been tested, configured, maintained, and set-up for you and for the job in hand. Seasoned AV operators with years of experience bring an immeasurable dynamic to every event. Guys who understand rooms, the shape of spaces, wall and floor finishing’s and the effect they have on the science of audio can make all the difference for your performance or event. They know why a speaker must go in a certain position or why 6 small speakers are needed and why two large ones won’t work. This is the art of sound.

Sound Rental Checklist - Guide To Renting Sound Systems

Sound Rental Checklist

If you need to hire some sound equipment for an upcoming show are event then here is the sound rental checklist:

  • Audience Size: This will determine the size and power of the PA system required
  • Event Type: This will determine the type of PA best suited
  • Room & Access: What is access like to the room. Is it ground floor? Is there a lift? Is there van access? Parking nearby? Are parking permits required? Can speakers be flown or must they be floor standing?
  • Microphone Requirements: How many people speaking or performers are there? Is there an MC? Are there musical instruments? Is there a choir? See our blog on microphone rental
  • Other Audio sources: Is there a video being shown? Is there a DJ? Background music on arrival? Do you want to plug in an iPod or MP3 player and play some music?
  • Monitors: Are stage monitors required for the people on stage? If so, how many mixes are required?
  • Press: Is a press box required? Will local or national media require a clean audio feed of the event? Will cameramen require an audio feed to be supplied?
  • LOOP: Is an induction Loop required for people with hearing disabilities?
  • Translation: Are translation services required?
  • Recording: Should the meeting be recorded for podcast or for later use as evidence?
  • Wireless Management: Are other service providers using wireless frequencies? If so, what are they, who is managing this?
  • Sound Check & Rehearsal: Is a sound check or a rehearsal required? What time is this happening at?
  • Delivery, Set-up and De-rig times: What time is the equipment to be delivered? What time has been designated for set-up. What time is de-rig? Can the equipment be stripped down immediately after the gig or the following morning? Is access available then?

We hope you find this sound rental checklist is useful for your next event or show!

Sound Rental Ireland - Audio Visual

Sound Rental Ireland – Almost 50 Years Experience!

So next time you need a sound system, think do I want the cheapest sound system I can get? Or do I want a quality system that will deliver exactly what I need at a competitive price?  At we’ve been renting sound equipment and providing expert advice for almost 50 years and if you’ve any questions, or additions to the checklist, comment below or feel free to give us a call on +353 1 4133892, e-mail me directly at or contact us online!

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