Surround Sound Speakers – Here Comes The Science

Surround Sound Speakers - Here Comes The Science - AV Rental Ireland

Surround Sound Speakers – Here Comes The Science

Ever wondered why the sound is so great at the cinema theatre? The answer is surround sound speakers. While this technology is by no means restricted to the movie theatre, it is here that it has its best application and its evolution has been spurred over time. Before we look at the history of surround sound speakers, let’s define what it is.

What Are Surround Sound Speakers?

It’s quite simple really. Using multiple audio channels from speakers that surround the listener, the fidelity and depth of sound is enhanced. The sensation of sound coming from every direction around the listener is created and hence the term surround sound.

What Are Surround Sound Speakers - Audiovisual Rental

The History of Surround Sound

The history of surround sound begins in 1940 with the Disney classic, Fantasia. The story goes that Walt was inspired by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s operatic piece, ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’, and wanted a bumblebee in the animated film that would sound like it was flying about the theatre. The result was a multichannel audio application called ‘Fantasound’ – basically three audio channels and speakers that diffused the sound throughout the cinema. However, it was with the 1953 film, ‘This is Cinerama’, that the race to create better surround sound technology really took off. This motion picture boasted a seven-channel sound system. But this all occurred before the concept of surround sound was born.

The Origin of the 5.1 Version of Surround Sound

The origin of the concept of surround sound is regarded by experts as occurring with the series of concerts produced in 1957 by composer, Henry Jacobs, entitled ‘Vortex: Experiments in Sound and Light’. Major steps forward in the technology occurred in 1978 with the movie, ‘Superman’, when Dolby laboratories tested a new concept called ‘split surround’, which led to the 70mm stereo surround release of the film, ‘Apocalypse Now’. Another major development was the origin of the 5.1 version of surround sound at the famous French cabaret, Moulin Rouge, in 1987.

Origins of Surround Sound - Vortex - Henry Jacobs - Audiovisual Rental Ireland

Multiple Audio Channels and Surround Sound Speakers

At this point we could go deeper into the science of surround sound but, as you might expect, it is highly technical and hard to grasp if you don’t have a background in sound engineering. Suffice it to say, as we did in the beginning, that it diffuses sound throughout the theatre or room using multiple audio channels and speakers. It is one of the one of the ways that cinema envelops the theatre goer, contributing to the experience of being completely absorbed by the film.

Other Applications of Surround Sound

Of course, as we have seen, there are other applications of surround sound outside of the movies. Music concerts, conferences and presentations can all benefit from it. Enhanced sound quality can really take your gig to the next level. Our sense of hearing isn’t restricted in the way our vision is. By making it loud and all around, you will heighten the sensation of the audience members and make them feel like they are a part of something that deserves their attention and focus.

Hiring Out Surround Sound Speakers Ireland

Hiring Out Surround Sound Speakers

If you are interested in hiring out a surround sound system (and if you are reading this you most likely are), get in contact with us today and we will tell you what’s on offer and where and how it is best applied. We’ve been dealing in this fantastic technology for decades now so give us a call on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online for more info!

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