The Video Wall for Budding Film Makers

Video Wall for Film Makers - Video Wall Rental Ireland

The Video Wall for Budding Film Makers

They say fortune rewards the bold. This is truer than ever. These days you can do pretty much anything you want thanks to technology becoming more advanced and available. You can publish a book, record an album or create a film, and you can sell and promote it all online. It has never been so easy to do it. Of course, this also means that there is more competition but at least you know that your product is out there.

A Whole Lot of Confidence

Film remains the most popular form of entertainment today and it is the medium through which many artists choose to express themselves. One of the most profitable films ever made is The Blair Witch Project. This, more than any other film, proved that anyone can make it. All that is required is talent, vision and a whole lot of confidence.

A Place To Premier & A Video Wall To Maximse

Once your film is made you’re going to need a place to have a premier. If you are a student, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the permission to have it in your school. Or, if you are going to college, why not organise a premier for a society or club you belong to?

Video Wall Rental for Film Premiere - Audio Visual Dublin

Once you’ve found your venue for your movie premiere, you’re going to need a screen and it’s got to be big, right? This is where we come in. We can provide you with a video wall that will help to maximise the impact of your work on your friends and fellow students. Nothing induces a ‘wow’ factor like a video wall. Size really does matter if you want to impress and make the audience feel like they have taken part in an event – something bold and beautiful and brilliant.

We Offer A Range of Video Walls

We offer a range of video walls and they all have stunning HD picture quality. Our walls are ‘plug in’ ready so there is nothing else you need to get them up and running. We also offer tech support with an AV technician on call, should anything go wrong. We set up the day before and de-rig out of hours. We offer a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 24 to 184 inches, and all are made by industry leader, NEC – check out the video wall specs here!.

Range of Video Walls - Audio Visual Dublin

Encourage & Support With A Video Wall

So, creativity is a joyous thing and a school should want to share in the joy of the artistic projects of its pupils, be they curricular or extra-curricular. It should take pride in the achievements of its students. It should also encourage and support. Hiring a video wall from is one way to show the budding film star or film maker that they are valued and their talent is cherished and a source of pride.

To find out more about our video walls give us a call now on +353 1 4133 892 or contact us online for more info!

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